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Customer Service and FAQ

There are several ways to get in contact with La Rose Passementarie:

-Fill in the contactform.


-Send an email to [email protected]


-Send a message on the Facebook page or Instagram account.

1 Which payment methods are available?
1.1 Which payment methods are available?

You can pay with:
* iDeal (payments for within the Netherlands)
* ING Home Pay (payments for within the Netherlands)
* Creditcard (International, a fee applies)
* PayPal (International, a fee applies)
* MisterCash (for payments from Belgium, a fee applies)
* Sofort (for payments from Germany, a fee applies)
* banktransfer. With this option items will be shipped when payment has arrived.
* Klarna, pay within 14 days after you have placed your order. This option is available for residents in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland.
Attention! Orders with high amounts require a payment history with Klarna. If payment via Klarna is declined, that can mean either you have no payment history with Klarna, or you only have a payment history for very small orders or you have a negative payment history. La Rose Passementarie cannot view your payment history!

2 Shipping & Returns
2.1 How are the shipping costs determined?

The weight  and size determine the price and also if it fits in an envelope or must be send in a package. Prices shown are with discount, a part of the shipping prices are paid by La Rose Passementarie, the other part is shown in the overview. Orders can be shipped worldwide, please contact me if your country is not listed among the shipping options (shipping costs are subject to change by the shipping company, please check the shipping costs in the shipping cost calculater in your shoppingcart). 
[email protected]

Country Envelope post Package up to 2 Kg insured and with Track&Trace
Netherlands €4,10 €6,75
Germany, Belgium €4,50 €8,80
United Kingdom €4,50 €11,75
France, Austria €4,50 €14,00
Italy €4,50 €15,25
Denmark €4,50 €14,25
Bulgary, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lituania, Romania €4,50 €25,50
Finland, Ireland €4,50 €18,25
Hongary, Poland €4,50 €19,25
Luxembourg €4,50 €11,75
Portugal €4,50 €17,50
Slovenia €4,50 €19,75
Slowakia €4,50 €16,50
Sweden €4,50 €19,50
United States, Canada, Australia €4,50 €22,12
Noorway, Switserland, Malta €4,50 €20,02
New Zealand €4,50 €21,79
2.2 How long will it take for my order by package to arrive?

This differs per country but is also depended on if the package is send on a Sunday or holiday in the Netherlands or a Sunday or holiday occurs during the package in transport in the destination country.  With shipping by package you will receive a seperate email with a tracking number with which you can see where your package is and when it will arrive. In the case you are not at home when the package would have been deliverd, you can see when it will be deliverd again or where you can pick it up. Delivery time also differs per courier, as I use different ones for different countries to keep shipping costs as low as possble. I use Post NL and DHL .

Land Average delivery time in workdays
Netherlands 1
Belgium 2-5
Bosnie-Herzegovina  8-10
Canada 8-10
Czechia 2-6
Denemark 5-6
Germany 1-5
Finland 2-7
France 2-6
Greece 7-8
Ireland 3-7
Italy 2-6
Latvia 3-8
Luxembourg 1-6 
Norway 4-7
Poland 2-6
San Marino 5-11
Spain 2-8
United Kingdom 5-6
United States 9-11
Sweden 2-6
Switserland 5
2.3 Is it possible to pick up my order in Helmond?

Because of our busy schedules and the fact that the webshop is in my home and not an actual store, picking up orders is not possible. The same goes for trying on shoes or boots, see for fitting options my event calendar. It is always an option to pick up an order at a festival of event La Rose Passementarie is attending, please send me a message beforehand.

2.4 What kind of shipping materials does La Rose Passementarie use?

We try to be as environmental friendly as possible, which means we reuse packages and this can mean receiving a package that has already been used before. We also reuse packing materials or you may find green packing peanutes in your package. These packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable/compostable and made from corn starch. They can can even be safely dissolved in water. We have also switched from plactic to paper tape for wrapping our packages. We reuse plastic ziploc bags, but will use paper bags if possible to wrap small items in. 

2.5 Can I return or exchange items?

All items that are made to order, specially ordered for the customer, are on sale,cut, used or damaged by customer cannot be returned. Due to hygienic reasons, gloves and stockings cannot be exchanged or returned. With exchanging items new shipping costs apply, with returning items initial shipping costs will not be refunded. In case the fault lies with La Rose Passementarie, both shipping costs and cost of the item ordered will be refunded. This is up to La Rose Passementarie to decide. You have 14 days to cancel after placing an order without any reason, above conditions apply when it comes to the state and type of purchase. If you would like to cancel within 14 days, wish to return or exchange, please email me at [email protected]

2.6 What are the return or exchange contions for the American Duchess shoes?

If you wish to return or exchange shoes or boots from American Duchess, then please contact met via [email protected]
The shoes or boots can be returned or exchanged within 14 days after receiving the shoes under the following conditions:
-The shoes are unworn and undamaged.
-Shipping costs for sending the shoes back to La Rose Passementarie is for the customer.
-When exchanging the shoes, you will need to give your preffered size with the return and they will be exchanged. Or a refund for the price of the shoes or boots will be given if not in stock. In case of return, you will receive a refund minus your initial shipping costs.
-If you have ordered shoes with buckles, you can decide to return both for a refund or keep the buckles and only receive a refund for the shoes.

3 American Duchess shoes & boots
3.1 Which size should I choose with American Duchess shoes and boots?

The American Duchess shoes and boots come from the United States and use a different size system then we are used to in Europe. For example you can choose half sizes. A US9,5 would be between a 40-41. If you have a large EU 40, wide feet or wear thick stockings, then these half sizes are great for you. Please see the size chart below to see which size you would need:

4 Pre-order
4.1 How does a pre-order work?
How does a pre-order work?

The average amount of articles in the La Rose Passementarie  assortment is around 600 different articles, 90% of which comes from abroad (mostly the US)! I find it important that everyone has a say about the assortiment and also the size or style of the articles. In the case of the American Duchess it's impossible to offer the full assortiment, if you add up all the boots and shoes in all it's variations you would have around 40  different shoes and boots. 

With a pre-order your order will not be shipped the day after you order, so read this article to see how it works. 
This proces applies to all pre-order items.

The pre-order proces:
-Mentioned at every article is how long the pre-order period is, this can last a few days or a few weeks. Only after the ending of this period will I place the order for all the articles with the supplier abroad!
-The order will be shipped to me, this can last a few days or a few weeks, also depending on the Dutch customs.
-I receive notice of when to pick up the order, this won't be deliverd with me because I have to pay custom duties. Only then can I see when the package has arrived, so giving you an exact date on when the items are ready to be shipped is unfortunately not an option.
-Then I can pack everyone's orders and ship them to you, you will receive notice when your order is shipped. If it concerns a package you will receive a tracking code, all packages are shipped with tracking and insurance.
-The same conditions apply to a pre-order order, as for a regular order, please see more info about these conditions here.

What happens if I order non pre-order articles together with pre-order articles?
Everything will be shipped together in one time, which means when all articles have arrives with me. Keep this in mind if you need certain items sooner, these articles will need to be ordered seperately.

I would like to order a certain style shoe or boot from American Duchess which isn't offered yet by La Rose Passementarie (or not in my size) , how does this work?
That is certainly a option! I will check with American Duchess to see if this style boot or shoe is in stock. Because I have to order every style boot or shoe per color, per 10 pair this can only happen on a pre-order basis. For example the Kensington shoes, I can order 10 pairs in black and 10 pairs in ivory, not a combination of both. To cover part of the costs of purchasing, shipping costs and custom duties, 5 pre-orders per style shoe or boot is neccesary. If I receive enough interest for a certain style, I will open up a pre-order for a certain time in the webshop and 5 or more pre-orders will need to be placed within this time.
Tips for helping your pre-order to go thru!
-Share the newsletter of the pre-order with your friends.
-Share the post on Facebook of the pre-order.
-Place a post on your own social media where you ask if other people are interessted in the pre-order.
-Often a group of friends/acquintances (5 or more) email me for a certain style and I am happy to open a pre-order for you.
Interested in a certain style shoe or boot from American Duchess? Then please contact me via [email protected] or via the contactpage.

I am interested in a item or line of items from a company abroad which isn't available yet at La Rose Passementarie. Is it possible to order via you?
This completely depends on the article or line of articles. If it fits with the La Rose Passementarie assortment, I am happy to open up a pre-order for you for said articles or line of articles. The reason it can only happen via pre-orders, is because every company has a minimum amount that needs to be spend or minimum amount of articles that need to be ordered. Purchasing of these items, shipping from abroad as well as custom duties are a significant investment and sometimes a pre-order wont go thru because there isn't enough interest. But you can always contact me and I am happy to see if we can make it happen, please contact me via [email protected] or via the contactpage.
5 Discount codes
5.1 I received a discount code, how can I use this code?

The discount code that you receive per email, after placing an order, can be used for a new order in the webshop. The same conditions apply to any other discount code. The following rules apply:
-Can be used once per time.
-Minimal order amount for the code to apply is €50,00. Other discount codes can be applied with the minimum order amount of €10,00 unless otherwise specified.
-Cannot be used on sale items.
-Cannot be used purchasing pre-orders, event tickets or gift certificates

Discount codes cannot be combined with other discount codes or gift certificates. Discount codes and gift certificates cannot retro actively be used on already placed orders.

6 Other questions
6.1 I would like to learn how to make historical clothing, do you als teach classes?

Not at this moment, but there are certainly plans to give classes and workhops about making historical fashion and accessoires. I do give lectures about historical fashion and write blogs for Mode Muze. Keep posted on any developments by subscribing to the newsletter.

6.2 I am looking for a specific item that is not for sale in your assortment, can this be ordered for me?

La Rose Passementarie hopes to offer an assortment for all your sewing wishes, be it making historical clothing, corsetry, millinery or making accessoires. Many items are imported from the United Kingdom or even the United States. You can always contact me and I will do my best to search for any item you are looking for via [email protected]

6.3 I would like to order a bespoke historical outfit, hat or accessoire, is this possible?

This is certainly possible! My atelier, La Rose Couture, makes bespoke clothing, corsetry, hats and accessoires for ladies and gentlemen.Please see my website

6.4 I see items from Mederij Marcus for sale, can I also order the meads and liquors?

The mead and liquor are for sale at the webshop from Mederij Marcus. Please see the webshop for direct sale and the sales points in the Netherlands and Spain:

6.5 Where can I wear my selfmade or orderd historical outfit?

There are many balls, festivals and fairs where you can wear your historical outfits. La Rose Soriee organises costumed events like Salon de la Societe raffinee (18th century themed) and a Victorian Fancy Dress Ball in the Netherlands, see my Facebook page  for dates and info.

6.6 How can I contact La Rose Passementarie with a suggestion, comment or complaint?

Please contact met via [email protected], I strive to answer all emails within 1-2 workdays. If I have not responded within 2 workdays, please email me again. You can also use the contactform in the webshop.

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